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Three Years Ago I was like you...

Hi, my name is Nicky and three years ago I was probably in the same place as many of you or even worst. I had lost my father and was going through some of the worst unimaginable scenarios all at once. Every aspect of my life was in disarray. I had spent 2 years looking for a job that I was over qualified for, I eventually landed a job after I was willing to settle. Needless to say, I was very unhappy and felt life just couldn’t get any worst.

I was doing the job for three roles and working 12-16 hours per day. I was making a generous six figure income but had very little time for anything or anyone. However, I didn’t always make a 6/7 figure income because I was born into poverty, not just any poverty, but rather third world poverty.

I was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica and lived in a home with no electricity, running water, indoor plumbing, stove, or a room to call my own. We barely could afford shoes on my feet. We lived from the land and did everything manually. I walked for miles to carry clean water to my home so we could cook and drink water. Life started out very hard for me and where I’m from you are not expected to excel like I have because we were handed a basket of coals, not lemons.

My mother changed all of that for us and started putting things in motion that would get us away from that life. I learned all I had to do was take my education serious, learn from my mistakes as well as others and dream big. You will learn my journey including failures (lessons learned) that shaped this life for me into what it is today.

Now you know a little of my background and you know what is possible, and I’d love to help you reach your true potential. I came from third world poverty to making over 6 figures and working on 7 figures, where you are born does not define your final destination (destiny). It’s time to get out of your own head-space, leave the darkness, and step out into the light. No matter who you are, you were always born to shine!

What can I help you with?

Let me motivate & guide you toward Your Success

Everyone have a purpose and something special about them. Say that a thousand times until you start to believe it because it’s true. We are all unique in our own way, we are molded by our circumstances, relationships (friendship, family, lover/s), our environment, upbringing and good ole DNA. When you take that all into account you will see just how unique and different we are.

The remarkable thing about being unique is that you too just like anyone else have the potential to be anything you want within reason. I say within reason because I would never tell a person that is 3’5” that they can become a top basketball player just because they can dream it. No, I would never encourage someone to take a path that is going be at best very difficult. However, the world is still your playground and there are so many things you could be and become if you just get over the hurdle of self-doubt.

You're dreams must be within means or you'll spend your life frustrated and poverty is not something to hold you back, you can overcome poverty.

I was born into third world poverty, some of you will never know what that is like or can even relate. Some of you are born into first world poverty and feel like you are condemned to remain in that situation. The truth is you are not, you can never change where you were born and into which family you are born, but you do have control over where life takes you. Don’t let others and your birth place dictate who and what you will be in life. It’s your life and I want to help you direct it down the path you were meant to be on.

I escaped a life that most people would consider living less than human to living a fruitful and enjoyable life. This can be you too. It’s time to get out of your own head-space, leave the darkness, and step out into the light. No matter who you are, you were always born to shine!

  • It's time to lock your doubts and fears aside. It's time to work towards your dreams and watch your growth. See yourself prosper.

  • The results speak for themselves, if you work towards your dreams with passion, the results will follow. Let's get started.

  • I am always available to help those who need the extra push, coaching or mentoring. You don't have to do this alone.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Wow what great experience, I love it! It's exactly what I've been looking for. Nicky's group was the best investment I ever made. I don't know if I would have ever made it without her guidance and support!

    Mary Debens Independent Virtual Assistant
  • I like this group more and more each day. It makes my life a lot easier. It's really wonderful to be able to get support from like minded entrepreneurs. And Nicky is always available to advise us. Thank you so much!

    Sarah Bernard Social Media Guru

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