Hi! I’m Nicky Iles

Hi, my name is Nicky Iles, nice to meet you!

Three years ago I was probably in the same place as many of you or even worst. I had lost my father and was going through some of the worst unimaginable scenarios all at once. Every aspect of my life was in disarray. I had spent two years looking for a job that I was over qualified for and would not land the job because I had the wrong name and skin pigment for the role. I eventually landed a job after I was willing to settle for a much lower position than what I was qualified for. Needless to say, I was very unhappy and felt life just couldn’t get any worst.

I kept working my 9 to 5 which evolved into 6am to 9-10pm. I took on extra work as it was given out to me and felt completely overwhelmed. I was working the job for three different roles in one and the company knew it but I was cheap labor and desperate to keep the job I had. I even ended up with Carpal Tunnel working this job and through the pain I worked tirelessly 12-16 hours per day 6 days a week salaried. This was no way to live life, I needed a change, I could not keep that life up.

I had goals, dreams and higher expectations for myself and I had to start working towards them. After feeling completely unappreciated, undervalued, overlooked, and unsatisfied at work I started to work towards my change. My 9 to 5 turned 6 to 9-10 was no longer going to cut it, I could no longer trade my precious time and self-worth for the 6 figure income. Most people thought I was crazy especially in my family because my income was more than anyone was making. I believed in myself and believed I was simply existing with that job but knew that job was blocking my shine, now it’s time for me to shine my light bright. I took a leap of faith, started one company that eventually blossomed into a few other companies and now my newest venture; and what I feel is my calling Motivational Speaking.

Now you know some of my background and you know what is possible and I’d love to help you reach your true potential. I came from third world poverty to making over 6 figures and working on 7 figures. Where you are born does not define your final destiny or destination. It’s time to get out of your own head-space, leave the darkness, and step out into the light. You were meant to shine bright!

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Everyone have a purpose and something special about them. Say that a thousand times until you start to believe it because it’s true. However, don’t just say it, right it down until you believe it, put it on your vision board until you embody it. We are all unique in our own way, we are molded by our circumstances, relationships (friendship, family, lover/s), our environment, upbringing and good ole DNA. When you take that all into account you will see just how unique and different we all are but at the core, all humans.

The remarkable thing about being unique is that you too just like anyone else have the potential to be anything you want within reason. I say within reason because I would never tell a person that’s 3’5” that just because they can dream of being the greatest basketball player of all time, they can be it. No, I would never encourage someone to take a path that is going be at best very difficult, not impossible but the odds are definitely not in their favor. I don’t sell stories, I help individuals realize what’s within their real potential. However, the world is still your playground and there are so many things you could be and become if you just get over the hurdle of self-doubt, fear, and outside influences.

I was born into third world poverty, some of you will never know what that is like or can’t even relate. Some of you are born into first world poverty and feel like you are condemned to remain in that situation. The truth is you are not, you can never change where you were born and into which family but you do have control over where life takes you. Don’t let others and your birth place dictate who and what you will be in life. It’s your life and I want to help you direct it down the path you were meant to be on.

I escaped a life that most people would consider living less than human to living a fruitful and enjoyable life. This can be you too. It’s time to get out of your own head-space, leave the darkness, and step out into the light. No matter who you are, you were always born to shine!