How to Grow Your Audience Fan Base on Facebook

Growing a fan base upon Facebook isn’t easy.

And it’s particularly difficult if you’re trying to grow a fan base for a brand-new page.

5 years ago brand-new pages might grow rapidly and naturally– because there were so couple of pages contending for attention in the news feed.

But nowadays, if you want to grow a high-quality, engaged fan base, you have to plan well and carry out well.

How do you do this? What are the steps for making it take place?

Let me show you 7 methods I’ve used myself.

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7 Quick And Dirty Ways to Grow a Fan Base on Facebook

1. Specify Your Target Market

It’s important for every company to know their ideal consumer BEFORE beginning on Facebook.

2. Get The Tone Right

Now that you’ve specified your target market, you need to start speaking with them– utilizing the posts on your page.

While interacting with fans you ought to:

  • speak like them
  • think like them
  • imitate them

3. Recognize Which Posts Spur one of the most Engagement

Every Facebook page is distinct and posts that work on one page might not get engagement on another page. That’s why it’s crucial to test what works and what does not.

I do this on all my pages to see exactly what material works finest. When I see a post has succeeded, I prepare a similar post in the future.

If a post bombs– that kind of post is dead to me (at least for that specific page).

4. Remember it’s a Long-Term Investment

With a Facebook page, it’s not “If You Build It They Will Come”– that just operates in a Kevin Costner movie!

Successful social media marketing takes some time, effort and patience.

And keep in mind– those not buying today will know about your brand when they have to buy somewhere down the road.

5. Keep it Real, Relaxed and Relevant

I like the 3 R’s.

While constructing your fan base you got ta keep things real, unwinded and relevant.

Don’t get frustrated when sales don’t immediately come. For paradise’s sake, don’t start blasting promotional posts every hour believing that’s the very best way to attract company.

Consistency is necessary, however quality must be your top priority if you hope to grow a premium fan base.

6. Stick to a Schedule

As a page manager, the worst thing you can do– specifically in the beginning– is post sporadically.

Establish a schedule with times during the day when you wish to publish.

So, I strongly recommend you produce a publishing schedule for your Facebook page. Simply choose exactly what and when you’re going to post– then adhere to it.

7. Screen and Measure

By now we’ve dedicated to:

  • specify our target audience
  • utilize the appropriate tone in our posts
  • post the sort of updates that get one of the most engagement
  • follow the 3 R’s– Real, Relaxed and Relevant
  • and stay with a schedule
  • Now what ?!

Sit back and assess what works. Take a while when a month to explore your page’s Insights. Determine exactly what worked and exactly what didn’t.

I can’t tell you exactly what methods are best for you– because every page is different.

However if a post gets ZERO engagement, certainly that strategy didn’t work and it’s time to make some modifications..

Just ensure you are evaluating the results a minimum of as soon as every 30 days.

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Final Thoughts.

Now that you have these 7 tips for growing your fan base, it’s time to apply them to your page.

And if you’re actually wise, you’ll apply these exact same principles to your efforts on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest too.

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