Blueprint Checklist to Build a 6 to 7 Figure Business

This  6 to 7-Figure Business Checklist is some of the things other leaders in business have done to get to that 7 figure mark and are still doing. Review the list below and put a check by the things you are doing and leave it blank if you aren’t doing these things yet. DO NOT CHECK if you aren’t doing these things CONSISTENTLY every single day. Be honest with yourself because this is going to help guide you to reach YOUR goals! Print the checklist, organize it and see which you are doing and what you need to work on, remember consistency is key.

7-Figure Business Checklist

  1. I say my affirmations every morning
  2. I meet 3-5 new people on social media daily
  3. I know what keeps my customers up at night through Google Alerts 
  4. I return messages regarding my business every day
  5. I have scheduled business hours – I am PRESENT and in the moment during this time.
  6. I don’t go to bed until my power hour to do list is complete
  7. I work on my clients why/goals and help them set up a plan of action
  8. I check back in with my coaches often and focus on THEIR goals, not my goals FOR them.
  9. I host monthly meetings with my clients. Some are weekly.
  10. I am growing my Facebook friends list by 10-20 people every single week
  11. I am growing my Facebook Business Page my 20 per week
  12. I am growing my following on Instagram by 20-30+ people weekly
  13. I have read the book Magic of Thinking Big
  14. I have read the book The Compound Effect or The Slight Edge
  15. I track my progress using Spreadsheet, Evernote, Asana, etc.
  16. I have a success partner or group so I stay on track weekly
  17. I post on my social media sites 2-3x per day
  18. I have hired an assistant to do the busy work for me at least 5 hours per week (1 hour per day) *Checking emails, Sending Proposals etc
  19. I follow up with all my prospects in a timely manner
  20. I write down my goals every single week on the same day at the same time. I review my goals every morning
  21. I wake up early and do my voice exercises
  22. I get 6 hours of sleep (working on getting 7 hours)
  23. I am reading more than 10 pages of a personal development book daily
  24. I work from a to-do list every single day. I either create my to-do list the night before OR early in the morning.
  25. I talk about the business or products to at least 2-3 people per day
  26. I attend at least one workshop a week to network
  27. I do things that make me uncomfortable in the short term that grow me long term!
  28. I am confident when talking to people about what I do
  29. I treat my business like a business
  30. I workout 5 times a week.
  31. I am a leader and always do the things I ask of my team!
  32. I make at least 2 new youtube videos monthly
  33. I implement simple processes and system.
  34. I meditate every night

For all of my other 6-7 figure business owners, what are some items on your 6-7-Figure Business Checklist?

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